Pilot FAQ’s

Click the “List A Service” button to go to the listing form. Check out our How To’s page to see a list of specific instructions.

DrotoBay will hold a 5% commission from each service.

As soon as the order is complete, you will receive your funds in your account. Then you can request a payout at anytime. Pay Outs will typically take up to 24 hours.

As a Pilot, you can submit a simple request to cancel an order anytime if the order cannot be completed. These requests are submitted through our Resolution Center and are automatically approved if requested from the Pilot. Upon cancellation of the order, your client will be fully refunded within 48 hours.

Client FAQ’s

It is highly recommended to contact the Pilot in the listing prior to ordering a service. Especially in cases where you need something the listing doesn’t specifically mention.

Also, it’s best to have the pilot verify where you want the service to be performed is not within restricted air space. For a simple reference, you can check yourself by visiting the DJI Fly Safe Geo Map. Results from Fly Safe are not guaranteed, contacting the Pilot is recommended.

DrotoBay will charge the Client a 5% transaction fee from each service. This would mean for a $75.00 order, we would charge $3.75 to book your order.

All photos will be sent to you from Pilot via our Private Messaging Platform. Video’s are typically uploaded privately to YouTube or other video streaming platforms and the Pilot will send you a private link to your video.

If you are having issues with your order, you should contact the Pilot to request a cancellation. Pilot submitted cancellation requests are automatically approved and you will be refunded within 48 hours. If you need to request a cancelation for any reason as a Client, you can submit your request through our Resolution Center. We will contact the Pilot to resolve any disputes and upon order cancelation you will receive a refund within 48 hours.

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